Poster accepted in Intelligent Data Analysis 2018 – Mashael Al-Luhaybi

Title: Identification of Student “Types” from Online Self- Assessment Temporal Trajectories With Dynamic Time Warping for Performance Prediction

Authors: Mashael Al-Luhaybi, Leila Yousefi, Stephen Swift, Steve Counsell and Allan Tucker

Affiliations: Brunel University London (UK)

Conference website

Spotlight Presentation Slides: Here

Summer Short Course – Data Analysis and R (11th-12th Jul)

Making Sense out of Software Engineering Data And an introduction to R

Prof Sandro Morasca, Università degli studi dell’Insubria, Italy

The FREE summer short course (funded by Erasmus+) was organised by Prof Martin Shepperd on 11-12 July, 2018 (13:00-17:00 in WLFB208).

The course addressed the techniques that can be sensibly used to extract knowledge out of Software Engineering data acquired via experiments or routine data collection in industrial contexts, to make it practically useful. The course described and critically discussed a number of data analysis techniques, by explaining their preconditions and their outcomes. The course illustrated both basic, traditional techniques and innovative ones, like those based on Robust Regression or machine learning.  Also, it  explained how the models obtained can be validated.

A big thank you to Sandro and Martin for running this fantastic short course.

Lecture slides can be found here.