Academic Staff

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Previous Staff/Students

Mashael Al Luhaybi
Neda Trifonova (Moved to University of Miami)
Lucia Saachi (Now at University of Pavia)
Stefano Ceccon (Moved to The Times Newspaper)
Yuanxi Li (Moved to University College London)
Chuang Wang (Moved to University of Pennsylvania)
Miqing Li (Moved to Queen’s University, Belfast)
Valeria Bo (Moved to University of Cambridge)
Fadratul Hassan (Moved to University of Malaysia)
Emma Steele (Moved to the Open University)
Mohd Zairul Jilani (Moved to Aberystwyth University)
Awad Alyousef
Khalid Eltayef Khalid Eltayef
Stelios Pavlidis (Moved to Imperial College London)

Domenico Santaniello, University of Salerno
Rihab El Hassani, l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique pour l’Industrie et l’Entreprise
Danila Vella, University of Pavia