New paper success!

Congratulations to Barbara Draghi, Ashley Mann, and Ylenia Rotalinti on their recent publication success:

Draghi, B., Wang, Z., Myles, P. and Tucker, A. (2023) ‘Identifying and handling data bias within primary healthcaredata using synthetic data generators’. Heliyon, (accepted, in press).

Mann, A. EvoApp 2024, To Appear.

Rotalinti, Y., Myles, P., Tucker, A. ‘Predicting performance drift in AI models of healthcare without ground truth labels’, Proceedings of the 22nd International Symposium of Intelligent Data Analysis 2024, Springer, (in press)

New Papers

Congratulations to those with new publications!:

Toyah Overton, Allan Tucker, Tim James and Dimitar Hristozov. dunXai: DO-U-Net for Explainable (Multi-Label) Image Classification, Intelligent Data Analysis Symposium 2022;

Ghoshal, B., Hikmet, F., Pineau, C., Tucker, A. and Lindskog, C. (2021) ‘DeepHistoClass: A novel strategy for confident classification of immunohistochemistry images using Deep Learning‘. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 0 (In Press). pp. 1 – 71. ISSN: 1535-9476

Barnaby E. Walker, Allan Tucker and Nicky Nicolson, Harnessing Large-Scale Herbarium Image Datasets Through Representation Learning, Front. Plant Sci., 13 January 2022 |